When it comes to digital parenting, there’s a seemingly endless number of conversations we need to have with our tweens and teens. And according to a recent survey, moving “how to make a strong password” to the top of the list is pretty important. Turns out, Gen Z-ers are not so great on the whole password thing.

According to a recent Harris poll of 3000 adults, 78% of the Gen Z respondents use the same password across multiple accounts, which as you probably know is a big no-no. They’re also pretty confident that they won’t fall for a phishing attack (like 71% of them), but almost half of them didn’t know what phishing was. So… what can you do?

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1Password - How to teach your teens to make stronger passwords | Cool Mom Tech

Teach your kids how to make strong passwords. We’ve got a pretty simple system for creating and remembering them. Liz swears by 1Password, which is definitely worth a look.

And be sure your kids understand the various ways their information could be compromised online. Do they know why they shouldn’t click on an ad? Or fill out a quiz?

It’s worth doing a check-in after school to see what they know (and don’t know), and empower them with information they need to make smart decisions online.

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash