With my 12-year old son heading to middle school next year, I’ve got the the typical parental worries, which these days includes trying to figure out the best first laptop to purchase for him. Yes, my baby is all grown up and needs his own computer.

That’s where our sponsor Hack comes in. They offer an affordable laptop for kids that goes above and beyond. Because not only does it have all the bells and whistles you want for a first laptop for kids, but it teaches them how to code as well, by inviting them to hack.

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With the Hack laptop, kids learn how to code by hacking | sponsor

We’ve had lots of discussions here at Cool Mom Tech and on our Spawned Parenting Podcast as of late when it comes to empowering families (and kids) with technology rather than continuing to just consume content passively. As much as we parents have one foot back in analog (think kitchen phone cord stretched across the living room), our kids are digital natives. It’s our belief that the more we can encourage them to learn, explore, and create with technology, the better off they’ll be. And maybe, the world will be too.

Plus, there’s way more to technology than screen time zombies. Kids have some amazing opportunities to be inventors and content creators themselves.

Ready to use right out of the box, the Hack laptop looks and functions like a high-performance computer that’s fully loaded with everything your kids, and well your entire family, need for everyday computing, including Chrome, Office Suite, Scratch, Spotify and more, plus parental controls, of course. If you’ve ever spent time setting up a computer, you know how important it can be for you to be able to use it right away. Or in my case, my 12-year old son, who set it up and was already playing the hackable games within minutes.

And keep in mind, the Hack laptop is safe, ad-free, and virus resistant, so your kids can enjoy the independence of having their own computer while you get to reclaim yours.

But, what’s different about the Hack laptop is that it’s the only full-stack everyday laptop out there that teaches kids to code by teaching them how to hack through hackable games and quests led by historically-inspired characters.

What's the best affordable first laptop for kids? Meet Hack | sponsor

And why should kids learn to hack you ask? Well, here are several great reasons:

1. It teaches kids how to create. Sure, fixing is a great skill, but we need creators – kids who think outside the box and aren’t afraid to make something out of nothing.

2. It teaches kids how to innovate. Where do you think all of the amazing new inventions and ideas have come from? They’re from people who have been encouraged at an early age to embrace concepts that might take a user off the beaten path.

3. It teaches kids to problem solve. When we give kids the opportunity to figure out how to solve a problem, we’re helping them stretch their minds, and see possibilities and solutions we might not have even imagined.

4. It sounds cool. Just ask my son whose eyes lit up when I told him that the computer actually encouraged him to hack. It got and held his attention right away, which if you have a tween, you know how difficult that can be.

So, here’s the thing about the Hack laptop: your kids can do their homework, research their schoolwork, and yes even play Minecraft, then learn how to code through hackable games that are released monthly for those growing minds, with the first six months of content completely free.

If you’re looking for a first laptop for kids that won’t break your bank, consider moving the Hack laptop to the very top of your list.

Hack Laptop teaches kids to code | sponsor

Special offer: Save $25 off a Hack laptop when you purchase through this link.

Thanks so much to our sponsor Hack for creating an affordable first laptop that kids and parents will love. And if you already have your own laptop and just want the Hack experience, try Hack Key. For $39.99, you’ll get all the cool Hack features on a USB so kids can plug it when they’re ready to play Hack, and simply remove it when they are done.