I’m not much of a bumper sticker person, although I do love a clever quip on someone else’s car in traffic. But when I saw the new Mojipic mount for a car’s rear windshield, I thought maybe they were on to something.

This small LED screen displays emojis or gifs out your rear windshield, all through voice command via Siri or Google. Fun, right? Someone let you over on the highway? Pop up the smiley emoji. Or someone’s tailing a little too close? Have Siri tell them to back off…please.

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Mojipic: Voice-actived LED screen for your car's rear window.

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You can also display sports teams logos — and change them out so they’re always in season — turn on an Uber or Lyft logo, or even turn the screen to face the kids in the back seat so they can play Tetris or Snake on the screen (using your phone as the controller). So fun!

And with the ability to upload custom images, the possibilities are basically endless.

But my favorite option may be having it display your handicapped accessible logo. For families who need extra space for loading or unloading, the extra bit of attention that comes from this lit-up screen may keep them from being blocked in when they park. So smart.

You can get your own Mojipic via their fully-funded Indiegogo campaign.