We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: Representation matters. That’s why we were thrilled to support Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls when it launched a few years ago on Kickstarter, along with their journal, and their podcast. Because we all need to see and hear these stories.

Rebel Girls Boundless magazine

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Well now, they’ve gone digital with Rebel Girls Boundless, a digital magazine (aka blog) that features stories of amazing women who have done amazing things. It’s bright, it’s colorful, but most importantly, it’s filled to the brim with inspiration.

Rebel Girls Boundless review: Bebe Vio, paralympic fencing champion

Photo via Rebel Girls Boundless

I love how the magazine is categorized — Pioneers, Leaders, Creators, Champions, and Warriors — each with profiles and stories of diverse women, like singer Celia Cruz and Paralympic fencing champion Bebe Vio (seen above). Plus, there are links to their podcast and videos, which makes it a whole lot easier to access all the wonderful content they’ve created.

It’s brand new, so a few categories only have one or two stories, but my guess is they’ll be rolling things out pretty quickly now that they’ve launched, so you’ll definitely want to add this to your bookmarks and drop the link in a text (or Google Doc – however you chat with your tween or teen). Or you can subscribe to get updates in your inbox, which you’ll get prompted to do a zillion times (that’s my only complaint: the pop-up to subscribe is super aggressive).

Rebel Girls Boundless is such a wonderful addition to the Rebel Girls family, and as someone who has been trying to introduce my kids to positive spots on the web (and engage in a little family screen time), we’ll definitely be making this our first stop.