I worship regularly at the church of AirPods, but I’ve heard from several of my friends who ask me how to keep the AirPods from falling out. Maybe they need bigger ear holes like me? Or, better, these EarHooks.

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They loop onto your AirPods and then rest over your ears so if you happen to be running, working out, or just trying to use them with your tiny ear holes, they’ll definitely stay in. You will need to remove them when you charge (obvy) and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want a designated pouch or holder because they’ll be lost in a matter of two seconds, but they’re an affordable little gadget to have on hand if you feel as though your AirPods will not stay put.

And yes, smartypants people who want to tell me that the AirPods strap or these EarHooks just make them, you know, regular earbuds (wired and wireless, respectively), trust when I say that AirPods are not just your everyday earbuds. I realize that I do pray at the temple of Apple, but don’t knock them until you’ve tried them.

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