I’ve been a longtime Chrome user, but after having some functionality on a few different websites, I’ve decided it might be time to seek other options. And then I did a deep dive into their privacy issues, let’s just say it’s a very good time to switch. Yes, it’s certainly convenient to be able to login to Chrome and have all your passwords and data right there waiting for you, but that also means they’ve got access to your search habits, which helps them sell lots of ads.

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While I use Safari on my phone, I’m thinking of switching to Firefox on my laptop, which happens to be a non-profit that works to prevent sites from tracking you, it’s important to ensure you’ve done a few things beyond just installing it.

1. If you’re a fan of Chrome extensions, Firefox has something similar, called “add-ons.” You can check to see if the ones you’re currently using are available on Firefox and install them.

2. If you want to sync your data across platforms and devices, you can do that. You’ll just need to create a login, and be sure you’re logged in wherever you’re using it.

3. If you want Firefox to be your default, then you’ll need to change that in your preferences. Just head into Firefox and choose “Make-default” so that it pops up (vs Safari or Chrome) when you open your computer.