Over the last few weeks in particularly, we’ve seen our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook community filled with parents who seem panicked — or at least very concerned — about kids and texting and social media. And if you follow us (or are a member of that group), then you know that we are not in the OMG SOCIAL MEDIA IS EATING OUR KIDS’ BRAINS camp. We like to think we’re pretty reasonable and balanced when it comes to this topic, which is exactly how we approached a recent Spawned Parenting Podcast on this very topic.

You can listen to our episode right now, and if you’ve not yet subscribed to Spawned on Apple Podcasts, do it. This way, you’ll never miss an episode.

If you can’t listen right now, here’s a little spoiler: We have a lot of work to do as parents. We can’t just hand our kids devices any more than we’d hand them the keys to the car without lessons. (Then be shocked that they don’t know how to drive.) We can’t just ban certain apps either, or monitor their tech use 24/7.

So whether you are anti-phones or not, digital life is not going away. That’s why we started Cool Mom Tech back in 2010, and why we continue to offer helpful, actionable tips and advice, on this site, and on this Spawned episode. We hope you’ll take a listen, and head over to our Podcast page to get more helpful information and resources.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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