Every year, we round up our top 10 most downloaded Spawned Parenting Podcasts. As we enter our 5th season (yes 5!), it’s fun to look back on what resonated with you, our awesome listeners. And if you’re looking to catch up on episodes, or you’re new to us (hi!), this is a fantastic way to get started.

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10. How to deal with sanctimommies (and tame your own) 

Even in 2019, sanctimommies are still a thing. Here’s hoping we can find a way to offer more support and less judgment to our fellow parents (and ourselves) in 2020.

9. Stop fighting with your kids!

Special guest Sue Groner aka The Parenting Mentor offered up super easy, very smart tips to help parents communicate and interact more effectively with their kids.

Sleep training tips from Tamiko Kelly | Spawned podcast

8. The Great Sleep Training Debate, Settled at Last 

Even though we’re well past sleep training, we know that many of our listeners are in the throes of babydom. We only wish we had these tips and tricks from sleep expert Tamiko Kelly when our kids were babies.

7. Why you might need to break up with your phone, with Catherine Price

Author Catherine Price challenged us to think differently about our own screen time use. Her 30-day challenge is a great way to start the new year, by the way.

6. Surviving and thriving as a new working mom

The Riveter founder, and mom of 4 Amy Nelson talks candidly about returning to work after having a baby, along with real world tips, tricks, and advice that any working mom will appreciate.

Raising Digital Natives with Jordan Shapiro

5. What if raising unplugged kids is a terrible idea? 

We can’t say enough about our interview with Jordan Shapiro, who challenged the way we approach (and perhaps should approach) screen time and our kids.

4. How to enjoy, not endure, your kids with Casey O’Roarty 

It’s no surprise that parenting coach Casey O’Roarty has such an engaged podcast following and reader base. Her wonderful approach to parenting is refreshing and realistic.

3. How to make more time so you can do more of what you love 

Almost a year later, we are still applying some of the techniques we learned from our interview with Jake Knapp. His productivity methodology is truly groundbreaking.

2. How to raise creative, imaginative kids in a digital world 

We had a blast chatting with actors and podcast hosts Peter McNerney and Beth Newell about what it’s like raising creative kids in a digital world.

1.  Who Can Be Called a Single Mom: Rachel Sklar 

The dynamic Rachel Sklar chatted with Liz about the single mom moniker, which has caused quite a lot of controversy over the years. It’s no surprise to us that it’s our most downloaded episode of 2019.

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