There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who pronounce GIF with a hard “G” as in GRAPHIC…and those who are wrong.

(And yes, I know that GIF creator Steve Wilhite pronounces it with a soft J, but unless the acronym now stands for Jurrasic Interchange Format, he’s wrong too.)

Well now, in a stroke of marketing brilliance, JIF peanut butter has entered the Jif vs Gif pronunciation debate with a limited edition GIF peanut butter jar available on Amazon. Created in partnership with Giphy, $9.99 will get you a 40-ounce jar, which is enough for about 34 servings of deliciously processed big-brand peanut butter, complete with an unlimited quantity of sanctimonious tech debate nerdery.

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GIF limited edition peanut butter is here to resolve the #GIFvsJIF debate!

GIF limited edition peanut butter: Putting an end to the #GIFvsJIF debate!

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Of course they’ve got a whole social media push behind it too — use the #JIFvsGIF  hashtag to spread (ha) your own POV, and to search Giphy for some ready-made GIFs just to drive your (correct) opinion home — and to drive your soft-g committed Instagram followers insane.

Which you should. Because they’re wrong.