What you do after the kids are in bed on Valentine’s Day — that’s your business. What you do while the kids are still up and wanting to hang out with you though? Well, we can help with that. As the resident cinephile, I’ve put together some surprising picks for romantic comedies currently streaming on Netflix, that could be perfect for a family movie night at home.

I mean, you’ve probably already considered To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You, so allow me to give you some other options.

Some of these films are a little more rom than com…some are a little heavier on the com. But I think they’re all decent family viewing if you’ve got older kids, tweens and definitely teens. Nothing so racy that you’ll be mortified watching with them. Or you know, the other way around. Otherwise I’d be totally recommending Y Tu Mamå También or The Lobster.

Of course, you know your family best. So check the ratings and be your own best judge, then get the popcorn ready.

Top: Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Universal Pictures

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Surprising rom-coms to watch with your family on Netflix now : HairsprayHairspray 2007, New Line Cinema

Hairspray (PG)
Singing! Dancing! Campy costumes! Social justice! While I still love the original John Waters flick, even the 2007 remake is my kind of musical comedy, And just enough romance to make the list. Bonus: it may lead to an impromptu living room dance party when you’re through. At least that’s ab onus in our families.

Strictly Ballroom (PG)
If your kids are a little adventurous with their movie tastes and up for something quirky, campy and fun, it still holds up.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World (PG-13)
Making both of my girls’ Top 3 Movies list (and possible #1 for my teen), I could watch this hilarious graphic novel adaptation hundred times and see something new.

Hancock (PG-13)
Are you thinking wait, that’s not a rom-com! Well, hear me out, okay? Hancock is hilarious, it’s got a surprising romantic subplot, and it’s irreverent enough that your kids won’t think for a second that you’re making them watch a lame “grownup” movie. Add it to your queue.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (PG-13)
Not that the Matthew Broderick – Mia Sara high school romance is the main reason to watch, but it certainly sets the entire movie in motion. And the Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago bit never gets old. Just uh, remind your kids that Ferris is not a good role model.

Always Be My Maybe (PG-13)
While this Netflix original squarely nails the rom-com genre, it may look like the kind of movie you’d skip to let your teens watch it alone. It’s absolutely charming and fun, and I don’t want to spoil the hilarious celeb cameo for you if you haven’t yet heard…but it makes it totally worth it.