We’ve had a tech-positive approach to digital parenting since we started Cool Mom Tech, though we didn’t exactly have a name for it back then. Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been sharing our tech expertise not necessarily as techies, but as parents who use a myriad gadgets every day, with kids who do the same, both here and in our popular Out-Tech Your Kids Facebook Group.

So it just made sense for us to launch a tech-positive podcast. And so, we did.

We’re so thrilled to present Out-Tech Your Kids, our new tech positive parenting podcast for the age of digital parenting, where we answer your burning tech questions in 15 minutes or less. We know your time is valuable (hey, we’re parents too), but we also know the questions we’re answering are important. And we want to make finding the answers a whole lot easier.

Is it possible to actually out-tech your kids? Interesting answers in 15 minutes or less each week | from the editors of CoolMomTech.com

On this first episode of Out-Tech Your Kids, we tackle a sort of meta question: Can you really out-tech your kids? And while you might think the simple answer is “yes” (because you named your podcast that, Kristen and Liz!), it’s not as easy as that.

You can listen to this first episode right now while you’re here on our site, but we strongly encourage you to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts, so you never miss an episode. And if you’d be so kind to leave us a 5-star review, that helps more parents like you find us.

About our sponsor

Sofia Family Digital Activity Manager | Sponsor

We’re so thrilled to team up with our sponsor Sofia Family to bring you the Out-Tech Your Kids podcast, because they’ve created an amazing product that parents have asked us about over and over again. Yay! Their digital activity manager is the first dedicated digital activity time manager built to work across all of your devices – on and offline. It can even track individual users on shared devices, all from a single app on your own phone or tablet.

Head over to their website to learn more, and pro tip: Sign up for their mailing list! It’s free, and you’ll get first access to their product when it launches, plus really helpful expert tech tips (like you get on our podcast), maybe even from us.