Whether you’re putting together your online learning program for the fall, or you need a little break from the KidzBop on your end of summer road trip, you’ll be pretty stoked to know that Audible is still offering free audiobooks for kids. Yes, you read that correctly.

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As long as schools are closed, Audible has offered to remain open, so I’m not quite sure how long this special offer will last, but in the mean time, I’m definitely taking advantage of the thousands of fantastic audiobooks for kids that are available with just a click. You can stream them directly from your computer or your phone (with the app), with titles for kids of all ages, and in different languages as well.

Listening to stories is a fantastic way to support your child’s reading journey, and even better when the books are completely free. Just head over to the Audible website and do exactly what they say to do: Start listening.

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