Anyone else tired of broadcasting their messy house over Zoom every day? I definitely was, so I was stoked to discover these cool virtual Zoom backgrounds for online learning from National Geographic. [Insert bad dad joke here about how we’re already living in a zoo anyway, so what’s one more animal?]

This might be the best thing to hit Zoom since I discovered the Touch Up My Appearance feature!

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National Geographic offers amazing space photography as part of their free Zoom background collection for online learning.

We love these cool Zoom backgrounds from National Geographic. Especially this seal, who totally gets how we feel right now.

I think these would be great as a Zoom background for online learning, or even as a new photo widget on your iPhone or iPad if you’ve got the new iOS 14. The new widgets even let you rotate photos so you can have a new creature every time you open your phone.

I’m personally feeling the space themes, but the exotic animals are also pretty cool. And this lolling seal (above)? He’s totally got my number.

Find the National Geographic Zoom backgrounds at their website.