If you’re like us, you were so busy rearranging your home screen that you missed one of the most helpful new iOS14 features. Of course, “helpful” is relative, especially these days when even the smallest little thing that gives us a taste of normalcy is helpful. That’s why, when I discovered the new emoji search feature, I sort of freaked out.

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Let me just say, fellow iPhone users, how great it truly is. Because now, instead of seeing their suggested emojis appear when you’re typing, or worst, having to scroll through hundreds of them to find that one music note one you think is perfect, you can now just type in what you’re looking for. And pro tip: according to a recent CNN Business article, it should not be the laugh-cry emoji or the rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

Yes, it’s true. Gen Z has decided that too many of us “old people” (literal quote) are using it so therefore it is uncool. (This is why we all need to start using TikTok, which by the way, my 12-year old has declared boring. Why are you staring at it so much then? Hm).

Instead, they’re using the skull emoji face aka “I’m dead.” Or the loudly crying face. That is until we all start using them ourselves. Cue evil laugh here.

Alas, I will still proudly use the laughing emoji, which I guess means I won’t have to search for it. Still, if there are others you’re looking for, don’t fear that long annoying and somewhat embarrassing scroll. Apple has given us the gift the emoji search. Add that to the list of 2020-2021 silver linings.