I get to review fun kids products all the time, but it’s been a while since I saw one that made me think: I will immediately buy this for my children. The buru-buru bubble soap dispenser for kids has me pulling out my credit card already to support their new Kickstarter.

Yes, it’s a soap dispenser! That releases bubbles! Automatically!

We all know that good hand hygiene has become even  more important, but getting little kids to practice it has not. My daughter can’t push down the pump on a soap dispenser by herself and gets frustrated waiting for me to do it. But she loves using automatic hand sanitizer dispensers whenever we’re out and about, since they let her flaunt her independence.

And of course, like all children, she also loves bubbles. Which is why the buru-buru is so brilliant.

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We can't wait to see the buru-buru in action!

The buru-buru dispenser (A.K.A. “magical bubble generator) is thoughtfully designed with a sensor that detects hand motion, which then triggers the release of a stream of soap bubbles that kids can “catch” in their palm. With a system that fun, I think I’m going to need to invest in bulk soap refills.

Thankfully, the buru-buru inventors claim it can work with any brand of liquid soap, and it should be able to power 500 hand-washings with a single refill. So we parents will only have to fill it up, oh, every forty-five minutes or so?

I kid. Sort of.

The buru-buru bubble soap dispenser launched their Kickstarter campaign November 4th. Order early, and you’ll save 30%.