High-tech beauty gifts are all anyone seems to talking about in my Facebook groups these days. At least when it comes to holiday gift ideas. And who can blame us? We’ve come a long way from the days when I bobbie-pinned my hair before bed to have curls the next day

(I speak for me and my scalp when I say, we’re glad you’re here, Dyson Airwrap!)

And that’s not all! There’s so much goodness at the intersection of beauty and tech these days; I’ve curated some of the best items so no matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find something for them here.

Updated for 2021

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12 high-tech beauty gifts for women that we all want for ourselves!

The hottest high-tech beauty gifts: The Dyson Airwrap Styler. We found it!


Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler
$549, Ulta

Bow down, blowdryers. The Dyson Airwrap has arrived and it is the hottest high-tech beauty gift of the year, hands down. Chances are you’ve already heard about it — and you know someone who wants one. Badly! Thanks to thousands of rave reviews, the Dyson Airwrap Styler is sold out basically everywhere right now, but keep an eye on it at Ulta and even Best Buy. We’re hoping they’ll restock before the 25th (should we be able to afford it by then).


high-tech beauty gifts we love: The Nori Press

The Nori Press 
$84, Nori

An iron for clothes that looks like a hair straightener? I’m intrigued! I’ve been hearing such amazing things about the Nori Press, which requires no ironing board or leaky spray bottle.  Nori also claims it can steam and “refresh” clothes so you can skip the dry cleaner making it a practical tech gift too. So handy if you’re shopping for someone who travels for work or loves a linen dress.

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Amazing high-tech beauty gifts: NüFACE facial toning kit

NūFACE facial toning kit
$276 on sale, Amazon

Think of the NūFACE facial toner as exercise for your face — microcurrents work out those facial muscles to lift, tone, and contour while reducing the appearance of wrinkles too. It if makes you happy, we say go for it. (And if this one is outside your price range, try the mini NūFACE facial toning kit instead.

High-tech beauty gifts: The new Oral B IO Electric Toothbrush system in rose quartz

Oral-B Rose Quartz Series 9 Electric Toothbrush System
$249 on sale, Amazon

Is a toothbrush sexy? When it’s this rose quartz electric toothbrush system from Oral-B it is. If you’re looking for a high-tech beauty gift for someone who prefers practical tech gifts, this checks both boxes beautifully.

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Hot high-tech beauty gifts: This affordable electric makeup brush cleaner

Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaning Set
$20, Amazon

Dirty makeup brushes are just…gross. Instead of buying new ones all the time, this affordable electric cleaning set will keep them fresh. Go ahead and add in a new set of brushes and a gift card to Sephora to make this high-tech beauty gift extra special.

High-tech beauty gifts: The Conair pedicure foot spa with massage rollers

Conair Heat Sense Pedicure Foot Spa
$40 on sale, Amazon

They had me at “massaging foot rollers,” TBH. But soothing bubbles and heat? What a perfect high-tech beauty gift for someone doing those pedis at home — or just taking a load off after a long day of chasing kids around.

High tech beauty gifts for everyone on your list: The SolaWave Wand is like a 4-in-1 face tool using microcurrents and red light therapy

SolaWave Skincare Wand
$149, SolaWave

The SolaWave Wand (also at very top) uses therapeutic warmth, microcurrents, red light therapy and facial massage (ooh, ahh) to stimulate skin and amplify the serums you’re already using — all in a device the size of your disposable razor. It’s like 4 devices in 1. The rose gold and ombre color options make this device even giftier.

Hot high-tech beauty gifts: Goo-Lit teeth whitening system

Glo-Lit Teeth Whitening Kit 
$149, Sephora

The pandemic — and the carafes full of coffee I downed during it — was not kind to my teeth. Tea drinkers? Red wine sippers? You get it too. So I’ll be putting this cool Glo-Lit high-tech beauty gift on my wishlist for Christmas this year. It uses heat and LED light to remove stains and whiten teeth quickly, with no sensitivity. I’m in!


Hot high-tech beauty gifts: the DrX SpectraLite Faceware Pro mask -- wait til you see what it does!

DRx SpectraLite Faceware Pro 
$435, Sephora

If the person you’re shopping for is looking to minimize breakouts and fine lines — or if you just want to send a strong mom’s-not-available-right-now message to your own family — check out this outrageously cool high-tech LED mask from Dr. Dennis Gross. I love that you can skip the aesthetician’s office and use this to zap zits or target blemishes while you watch Netflix. Or work on your laptop — but hopefully you get a break from that this holiday.


High-tech beauty gifts we want: The SimpleHuman Sensor Hi-Fi Makeup Mirror

simplehuman Hi-Fi Makeup Mirror
$300, Nordstrom Exclusive

Nordstrom has quite a few of the popular sensor mirrors from simple human but this one is a little… extra. It not only has fantastic lighting that pops on only when your face is in view, but it has a built-in speaker so you can create just the right mood while you coif.

Hot high tech beauty gifts: The simple human Mini Smart Sensor Mirror is just 5" around

If it’s out of your budget, we get it! Instead, checkout the simple human mini countertop sensor mirror which comes in a fabulous little 5″ size and offers the same tru-lux light system. Great for travel — should your holiday destination (i.e. Grandma’s house) not have the perfect bathroom lighting. ($130, Nordstrom)

High tech beauty gifts we love: The Tao Clean Diamond Orbital Facial Brush in lots of fun colors -- at a great price too

TAO Clean Ona Diamond Facial Brush
$69 on sale, Amazon

We were so sad to see Clarisonic close up shop, but I’m thrilled to find this TAO Clean facial brush now. This cool high-tech beauty gift isn’t just a spinning face brush, it’s also a docking station that uses UV light to kill germs. How smart is that? And wait until you see all the pretty colors.