My parents were in the market for a portable car jump starter, (also known as a portable car battery charger), because as city folk, they keep an older model car in the city but don’t drive it much. That means they need to have some kind of reliable car jump starter or battery charger in the trunk for emergencies.

This weekend, they came by for a visit and as they were heading out, sure enough — dead battery.

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Why this is the best portable car battery jump starter we've found

So we grabbed the portable car jump starter that they bough out of Amazon, and whoa. My stepmother had done her research!

It worked in a quick sec, didn’t require a second car to jump start the engine, and certainly didn’t require a call to AAA. Just clip it on, turn on the engine and…done.

Yes the brand is called BIUBLE which is one of those shady sounding names for companies on Amazon lately. But she is the kind of shopper who will spend hours looking for like “the best toothpicks” (I’m not even kidding) so I trust her on this. Along with hundreds of five-star ratings. some of which even seem kind of real! (Ha.)

What you’ll get for under $80 is a portable car jump starter that includes everything you need all in a convenient carrying pouch

We just tried this affordable, portable car battery jumper cable kit and it's fantasticEven comes with USB cables and a lighter adapter for phone charging on the road, even in older cars

This one features like an ultra-bright LED flashlight, an SOS light-blink mode, heavy duty clamp cables that work in below-zero weather, and safety features like an alarm to let you know if you’ve crossed the wires or you’ve got a short circuit.

It even charges your phone, making me feel good that my parents are traveling with this in case of any emergency.

Best of all, it had indeed kept its charge for months in a cold car trunk. In fact, when they got back home, my parents checked the indicator to see how much power they had left.

Remaining battery: 99%.

Get the best portable car jump starter we found on Amazon for $79, plus 15% off for a limited time. Does it do absolutely everything promised? No idea, but for a solid portable car battery charger, I have no hesitation recommending it.