Though I send out inclusive Happy Holidays cards to a lot of people, I think this is an especially good year to also send a specific Happy Hanukkah greeting to our Jewish friends and family.

Jewish Americans tend feel a bit overlooked in this season of Christmas carols, mall Santas, and mistletoe; but as Liz described in this article, the alarming rise of anti-semitism in recent months has many of our Jewish friends feeling uneasy and particularly unseen.

Which is to say, you don’t have to be Jewish to send a Hanukkah ecard this year! It’s just a nice thing to do.

Or if you are Jewish, these ecards are a quick and easy way to send a thoughtful note to those who can’t join you in person for sufganiyot and latkes this year.

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10 lovely Hanukkah ecards to send this year

I chose 10 stunning Hanukkah ecards, all from our long-time favorite Paperless Post. They take seconds to send, for way less than a box of cards at the store. And if you haven’t used Paperless Post before, the way the card slides out of the envelope and opens slowly onto your screen is so much like opening a real card — minus the potential paper cut.

Please note that Paperless Post charges “coins” to send their ecards — no, not gelt — which you can buy in packs of 25, 100, 200 and up. Please read these instructions for purchasing coins. Though there are other sites with free Hanukkah ecards, the designs and presentation of Paperless Post, as well as their support of independent artists, makes their product worth the nominal cost and our entire team relies on them often.

Hello Lucky's Hanukkah ecards at Paperless Post are so warm and bright.Let it Glow and Love and Light Hanukkah ecards 
These two modern Hanukkah ecard designs from long-time CMP favorite card maker, Hello Lucky, are like sending a big warm hug to someone you love for Hanukkah. Couldn’t we all need a few more warm hugs?

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This beautifully illustrated Twelve Tribes Hanukkah ecard from Paperless post is designed by Rifle Paper Co.Twelve Tribes ecard
I’ve swooned over Rifle Paper Co’s designs for years and love the beautiful illustrations on this Hanukkah ecard. which nods to the original twelve tribes of Israel. Find them all with the kids!

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Choose between one of these two floral menorah ecards at Paperless Post.Floral Menorah ecards
Also by Rifle Paper Co., this Hanukkah ecard shows off an intricate, nature-inspired menorah in shades of green or blue. Tasteful and elegant.

Merry Chrismukkah Hanukkah ecard for the holidaysMerry Chrismukkah ecard with photo and with dreidel tree 
For families who celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, this is a great way to include everyone in the family.
Also be sure to check out our post on 3 books for children who celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

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Clever Hanukkah ecards from Paperless Post will let them know you're thinking about them this holiday. Misspelled Hanukkah ecard and Oy to the World ecard
Want to bring some humor to your Hanukkah ecard delivery/ Even my Jewish friends debate about how to translate the Hebrew word for Hanukkah into English — and basically, they’re all accurate! The second card pretty much sums up how many of us are feeling about the state of the world right now. Oy, indeed.

Send the Happy Challah Days Hanukkah ecard from Paperless PostHappy Challah Days ecard 
This pun is an oldie but goodie. And the sentiment below is perfect.