Just last week, someone in our Out Tech Your Kids community mentioned how a major app just “pretends to care” about the well-being of kids, after realizing a child safety feature wasn’t particularly functional. And I thought, well, that sounds like most major apps to be honest.

We all want our kids’ screen time to be safe, to be fun (they need breaks too!), and ideally, to have some value beyond just entertainment.

That’s why I’m so happy I was able to try a beta of the new Give As We Grow app for kids, a fun series of mini games that’s designed to make gaming into meaningful screen time by teaching kids to find what they care about in the world, and see how to put that passion to good use.

It was created with the support of foundations and organizations that are entirely built to help us raise a generation of caring kids, and I liked it so much, we agreed to partner with them to help get the word out. So check out our post on Cool Mom Picks to learn more about how it works, why it’s safe and trustworthy, and how can will help you feel good about the time your kids spend there.

I think as parents, we’d all like more of that.