For some reason, I wasn’t familiar with Burga, which may actually make the coolest phone cases and tech accessories that I’ve seen for a very long time. And I’ve been sharing cool iPhone cases and cool Android phone cases for a very very long time!

I discovered these incredibly stylish mobile phone cases and companion accessories while researching our guide to the best gifts for women and girlfriends. And now I’m obsessed. No exaggeration. It’s hard to find a good phone case that’s durable, protective and lightweight, but doesn’t look like it was made for working on construction site. These all look like luxury phone cases, but with all of the protection and none of the the luxury price.

There are so many styles to go through on the site, I’m sharing just a few  of what I think are the coolest iPhone case patterns from Burga right now. They would make incredible tech gifts for yourself, your teen, or anyone who wants a little flair with their tech accessories. (Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, hint.) Gotta sa —  there’s something to be said for pulling your phone out of your bag, and not looking like everyone else who’s pulling their phone out of their bag.

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Burga's rebel collection of stylish phone cases and accessories

I would start by browsing the entire Rebel Collection of phone cases and tech accessories, which are sexy and stunning. (Even if my nails aren’t.) Toggle the slider, you’ll see cool iPhone cases, Samsung phone cases, Google Pixel phone cases, Motorola phone cases… basically name your model.

Burga makes stylish and sexy iPhone cases and accessories

This design is called Next Mistake, and hey, I can never resist a cleverly named tech accessory.
You can also find ring holders for your phone that coordinate with your cool phone case design, should you want an alternative to those loopy iPhone cases.

PS I love this pattern as a protective iPad folio too, since the larger surface space lets you see more of the pattern.

Burga stylish phone cases in Almond Latte: An update to polka dots and animal prints

I am so taken with Burga’s Almond Latte Phone Case! It’s an update of classic polka dots or traditional animal prints. (Though they have those too.) And of course, it goes with everything. At least if you’re me and you wear black a lot!

Burga stylish phone cases in Trouble: A modern black and blue argyle print

One of the coolest iPhone case designs that feels classic but modern is Burga’s Trouble iPhone Case. This gorgeous black-and-blue argyle reminds me of the way Betsy Johnson or Vivienne Westwood might reimagine preppy style.

Burga iPhone and Android Phone covers in modern country club-inspired designs

For a totally different design sensibility, the Sundays Club collection of designs brings a little edge to a country club / polo match aesthetic. They look like luxury phone cases (or tablet cases or laptop cases or AirPods cases…) that you’d expect to be made by a luxury handbag designer.

Burga stylish phone cases in bright spring patterns like Flower Power in the Nostalgia Collection

If you’re ready for spring — and spring colors — The Nostalgia collection goes full 60s mod and 70s groovy with bright waves of color. Another reminder that good phone cases don’t have to be boring. At all.

Burga's stylish iPhone cases and tech accessories include the El Sol collection: Bright and punchy, like a day in Ibiza

Want to go all out with bright pinks, oranges, reds and greens?  The El Sol phone cases capture a day in Mexico City, Buenos Ares, or Ibiza,  Where, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to bring my new phone cases one of these days.

Stylish and protective AirPod cases from Burga in styles like Femme Fatale and Cherry Bomb

No surprise that the makers of the coolest iPhone cases also make the coolest AirPods cases. I know mine can get so filthy bouncing around in my bag and I’ve come to cases like these that I can clip to my tote. But these are prettier!
Shown here: Burga’s Femme Fatale or Cherry Bomb patterns. 10 fire emojis each.


Burga AirPod Max covers in swanky designs from the Sundays Club design collection

If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of Apple AirPod Max headphones, Burga’s AirPods Max covers can give your (extremely visible!) over-ear headphones a cool upgrade. I really dig the Sundays Club collection patterns shown here, which aren’t too showy but still let you show some personality.

Burga's black faux snakeskin tech cases are cool, stylish, protective and affordable

If you’re looking for a matching set of tech accessories, check out a style as simple and timeless as this black faux snakeskin called “Reaper’s Touch.” Leave the sticker packs to your teens and stick with a protective MacBook case that offers both protection and flair. The slim profile case even comes protects both the top and the bottom (complete with a vent and rubber feet), and it looks pretty sweet as a phone case or AirPods Pro case too. And that laptop case is under $45! Just hurry — this style is almost sold out.

Right now there’s a BOGO special from Burga: Buy 2 iPhone cases, get 2 free. Go in with a friend or you know, just spruce up your tech wardrobe and make that older phone look new again!