A few years back, Kate tried out the smart, touchscreen Skylight Calendar to see if it was a helpful way to organize multiple family calendars in ways that benefit the whole family. TLDR; yes, she found it wildly helpful, and worth the price, and dozens of our readers agreed.

If you’ve been holding off, there’s a new option from Skylight this year: The Skylight Calendar Max. It’s so good, they can hardly keep it in stock.

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Skylight Calendar Max: why this touchscreen organization calendar system is amazing for busy families!

This 27″ smart family calendar has all the features of the original Skylight Calendar that parents love, seamlessly auto-syncing and merging everyone’s calendars, including Google (which all my kids’ schools use), Outlook (which every big company still seems to use), Apple’s iCal (my own go-to) and more. You can include chore charts, color-coded schedules, customizable to-do lists for planning events or ongoing projects, even use it fo rmeal planning, I like that it has an anti-glare display, and you can choose from a bunch of Skylight Calendar Max frame styles to go with your decor.

But the best part is that it’s massive compared with the 10″ or 15″ calendars that are meant to sit on a desk or a counter. This way it functions almost like a family bulletin board — hang it where everyone can see it, and the whole family can easily get in the habit of checking it so they don’t forget the after-school activity schedule, which seems to change faster than I can keep up with it.

Of course it syncs with your phone too, so you can see updates on the go, not just when you’re standing in front of the frame.

Is the Skylight Calendar Max expensive? Yes. If you want to save a bit, grab the 15″ Skylight Calendar frame and wall mount it.

Is it selling like proverbial hotcakes anyway? Heck yes.

In fact, they already sold out their first two shipments. You’ll need to pre-order yours today to get it in time for September. Which is we’ll all really be wishing we had one.

Preorder the Skylight Calendar Max frame now and have it in time for back-to-school. There’s a 120-day money-back guarantee, so it’s worth it to try it out for a few of months and see if it works for your family..