Welcome Dads Dig This guest blogger Jim Higley, Chicago Tribune columnist, cancer survivor, and single dad to three kids. His book Bobblehead Dad comes out on June 1.

I’m a big fan of LIVESTRONG not just because I’m a cancer survivor, but because I’m convinced they help keep me from turning into a 300 pound version of myself, thanks to their MyPlate calorie counter application.

Available at LIVESTRONG.COM, MyPlate and the accompanying calorie tracker iPhone app is a great way to track all of the calories you put in your body, as well as those you offset with exercise. Simply input your established goals, whether they’re weight loss or maintenance, and then let the application set up your daily calorie targets.

Then it’s up to you to enter your consumed food and exercise, which is made easier with the application’s robust database of more than 525,000 foods with extensive nutritional information, as well as over 2,000 fitness items. With a simple tap, you can track how many calories you can consume, burn, and net on a daily basis. And as someone who loves to keep score, this application helps me make sure I know what’s going into my body. -Jim

Check out the MyPlate calorie counter application at LIVESTRONG.com.