The end to your power cord woes. (And what woes they are.)

One of my big tech peeves is power strips that don’t actually let you use all of the outlets. Yes, I know–high class problems. But I hate hate haaaate when there’s not enough space between them for wider plugs, or or not all of the outlets accommodate the three-prong plugs that are essential to so much technology.

When New York Times tech guru (and cool dad) David Pogue tweeted a link to the Pivot Power flexible surge protection [edited link] I thought, awesome. Six adjustable outlets insure that every plug fits, and you can even twist it around a corner or a couch leg.  Another little gift: the six-foot cord has a flat head plug, which crosses off my other tech peeve.

Now I would really, really love it if it came in all white like the Power Pod we recently featured. But for just $29.99, three cheers for the flexible, white and blue

The Pivot Power flexible surge protection by Quirky is now available at our Amazon affiliate. 

[h/t david pogue]

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  • Reply May 20, 2011


    This flexible power cord is cool. I have lots of gadgets that I really need for a power cord. It’s very unsafe for an octopus connection. For $30? Well, that’s really great. It’s not really that expensive.

  • Reply March 20, 2012


    I love this!!!

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