Surge protectors that actually fit your devices. Imagine!

After this weekend’s hurricane, I’m reminded once again I was reminded once again of the importance of surge protectors to power your appliances and gadgets. But then, I was also reminded of one of my biggest tech pet peeve — power strips that don’t accommodate larger sockets. Gah!

We’ve covered a few power strips that solve that problem, like the one from Pivot Power and the Power Pod, but now there’s another that’s not only smart, it’s affordable.

The Socket Sense Expandable Surge Protector works kind of like an inchworm; it starts out 13″ long, but each of the 6 ports can expand to provide ample room between device sockets. Fully expanded, it’s still only 18″ long. Best of all, won’t cost you a fortune. Nice. -Liz

Find the Expandable Surge Protector by Socket Sense online at X-Treme Geek

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