I‘m so excited to finally have my iPhone 4S but I need a cool case. Any suggestions? -Kelly

Mazel tov, Kelly, that’s one pretty phone. And yes, we strongly suggest getting a case on it stat, especially if you’ll have kids within 10 feet of it. As it turns out, the iPhone 4 cases will actually fit your iPhone 4S. So here are five cool ones that won’t compromise your style–or the protection of your new baby.

The combination of bright colors and cool houndstooth makes this iPhone 4S case from Pencil Shavings Studio (above) super hot for fall. And beyond.

Chilewich iPhone case from Griffin

Our Editor Liz is now on her second generation Chilewich case from Griffin for her iPhone 4S, which offers a double layer of protection along with a fabulous woven nylon textile. She swears by the durability it offers–the raised lip around the screen keeps the glass from hitting the ground directly when it’s dropped. As it often is. ($39.99)

Bird's Nest Snap Case for the iPhone 4S

We’ve never seen anything like this woven Bird’s Nest Snap Case by incase which lets your phone peek through while still keeping it safe. It will definitely distinguish yours from all the other ones on the restaurant table. ($34.95)

Heat sensitive color changing iPhone case

The XTremeMac TuffWrap Shift reminds of those 80s Hypercolor shirts (ah, the memories). We think it’s perfect for showing whose little hands have touched your phone last. ($29.99)

Hayden-Harnett iPhone cases

We have a little thing for Hayden-Harnett bags so it’s no surprise we’re digging their iPhone 4/4S cases at Get Uncommon, all inspired by their signature scarf patterns. Gorgeous. ($39.95)

Need more cool iPhone 4/4S cases? We’ve got a slew of fab options in our archives!