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Just take one pass through a Target parking lot and you’ll get a new understanding for how crazed, dazed and all-out harried people are right now. I was there this afternoon, and felt lucky to make it out of there without a fender-bender or someone’s angry glare and one-fingered gesture, ahem

So, in the midst of all this pre-holiday, end-of-year craziness, wouldn’t it be great to hear some good news? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are good people out in the world, doing good things?

There’s a new app we’re loving that does that very thing.

We’ve already raved about BoomBoom! cards on
CoolMomPicks, but now those little hand-held decks of guerilla pay-it-forward goodness
are going mobile.

With an app that feels like Facebook for good news,
the people at BoomBoom! have created an app allowing people to share and read about random acts of kindness as they happen. 

BoomBoom! app
a constantly updating feed, there are always new moments of random
goodness to read about. At the top of my stream right now is a story
about a person helping out a lady at the gas station who was attempting
to put diesel gasoline into her car, when this person stopped her:

replied she had no idea what that meant. With tears in her eyes she
proceeded to tell me her husband had died unexpectedly about 2 weeks
prior and he had always been the one to take care of everything….I
gave her a big hug, let her know I was going to take care of that for
her because I was going to teach her how to pay for and pump her gas.
She was so appreciative as she gained self confidence on that cold
winter morning…She hugged me and thanked me. I went to work with such a
happy heart. I know I made a difference for one lady on that cold rainy

In a time when it’s easy
to get lost in the materialism and rush of the holidays, a few moments
on this free app from BoomBoom! bring back a fresh perspective of what
this season is all about and inspire more contagious acts of kindness. -Molly
BoomBoom! is available from the iTunes store.

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