My three-year-old is a newly minted Peter Pan groupie. I assume she’s not the only one, which is why this new Peter Pan app has her absolutely, well, hooked, and I have to admit, I’m pretty into this e-book/app hybrid too.

The Peter Pan: Disney Classics app for iPhone or iPad will have your preschooler absolutely fascinated as the characters set off on pixie dusted adventures in Never Land. The whole thing opens with a vintage-look pirate map and the option to personalize the app with your child’s name and photo, like a digital bookplate, which is a great touch.

Like many e-books, there are three reading modes. The first one–Read To Me–narrates for your child. My daughter likes to choose the pace and taps the arrow to turn to turn the page or skip ahead to her faves. There’s also Read By Myself, and my fave, Use My Recording, so that parents, grandparents or whoever your kiddo likes to listen to, can record their voice with your device’s
built-in mic.

Disney Classics Peter Pan app for iPad

Aside from the story, there are interactive activities, all set on pirate parchment paper backgrounds. Find coloring (hint: zoom in to make things easier), four puzzles, a matching game with three difficulty levels, and an interactive pan flute.

Peter Pan iPad app - play a pan flute

The graphics are rich and retro at the same time, and little things like lanterns and pirates move. The more your kids explore, the more they will discover. Disney’s generally good with magic that way. -Pilar

Download Peter Pan: Disney Classics for the iPad on iTunes for $3.99 (totally worth it for Disney enthusiasts)

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