A laptop case from the past

8-bit Laptop Sleeve!You know where you should put the fastest, fanciest, lightest modern laptop ever invented?

In an two-dimensional envelope that looks like it popped out of the original Donkey Kong. Just for the irony.

Whether you’re a fan of the perfect-for-moms MacBook Air or the iPad, this rad 8-Bit Sleeve gives a retro-fun look to keeping your device safe and stylish. It may look like it came from the 80s, but it’s carefully made of premium synthetic leather with a matte finish on the outside and soft fiber inside.

We do not, however, recommend bashing bricks, climbing vines, or fighting giant mutant turtles in a dungeon whilst carrying your high tech devices, no matter how Mario-esque the laptop sleeve.~Delilah

Find the 8-Bit Sleeve for iPad and both sizes of MacBook Air at Big Big Pixel.


Senior Associate Editor Delilah S. Dawson puts the chic in geek. Ask her anything about Star Wars. Really.

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