Piquing Our Geek: The ultimate baby monitor is a turtle onesie?

Rest infant sleep monitoring systemIt’s a onesie! It’s a turtle! It’s… the most sensitive baby monitor ever. Or it will be. And soon, it’ll be helping new parents and their babies, especially those sweet premies, rest a little more easily.

Parents with preemies or infants predisposed to SIDS will be glad to know that you’ll soon be able to monitor almost everything about the way your baby sleeps. The Infant Monitor by Rest Devices is currently in development with plans for hitting the market later this year. The package will include three onesies equipped with stretchy green sensors, and that funky magnetic turtle which isn’t just cute — it actually gathers data on temperature, movement and respiration — something Rest Devices knows a lot about as the developers of the sleep apnea-detecting Sleep Shirt.

It’s also got a wifi base station capable of communicating with your mobile phone or logging data at a website.

The entire package is expected to run somewhere from $100 to $200 and will be available from Amazon.com and through the Rest Devices site.

So what do we think, mamas? Would the Infant Monitor help you sleep more easily? ~Delilah

You can sign up for more information at the Rest Devices site. Just enter your email in the box under the onesie.

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