2 ways to get your hands on a composition notebook iPad case – DIY or PAY

Kate Spade Composition Notebook iPad caseEvery year during the back-to-school season, I can’t help but get nostalgic whenever I see those black and white composition books. Which is probably why I buy a bunch, and now have a stack in my closet.

Well, now I can feel that way every day with these two new iPad cases — one that’s made by one of my fave designers, and one that you can make yourself. 

It’s no surprise that I just can’t take my eyes off the Kate Spade composition notebook iPad case, which looks quite similar to the real one, with a few design-y tweaks of course, like the “Notes to Self” title and the clever Kate Spade New York placement. Well, and that it safely keeps your iPad tucked inside. 

DIY composition book iPad cover

DIY composition book ipad case tutorial

As an alternative, if you happen to be a little crafty, you can make your own case with this DIY Composition notebook iPad case tutorial (seen above). It’s obviously not as swanky as Kate Spade, but with a little time, a few tools, and some patience, you can whip up a cool gadget cover of your very own. All for just $2.99. -Kristen

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