Best app for printing from iPad? Reader Q&A

Print n Share app for iPadWhat is the best printing app for iPad 2? -Danielle

Though my kids look at the iPad as one big play surface, I’ve found that I can get some real work done on it, especially now that I’ve added an iPad keyboard/stand which turns my tablet into a mini laptop. But since I don’t already own an Apple AirPrint-enabled printer, I haven’t been able to print my work unless I send it over to my laptop first. 

Fortunately, for those of us who want to print directly from the iPad 2: There’s an app for that.

After trying a few, I am pretty satisfied with Print n Share by EuroSmartz, a developer with a few other printing apps under their belt. I found that Print n Share was definitely the most flexible and easiest to use of the printing apps in the EuroSmartz stable. Within minutes, I could print from my iPad using our wifi connection. 

Multiple-device households will love that Print n Share works from an iPad and iPhone; some other apps aren’t so versatile. It also print remotely over 3G, so if I need to print a document, email, or webpage while I’m out and about, I can do so.

And at only $8.99, it’s certainly way less than going out and buying an AirPrint printer. It’s even about half the price of some other printing apps, though—be careful–because Print n Share has several add-on options (like “print preview” of an email) that can quickly add up. 

But, making my iPad even more useful as a work tool, and not just a place to play–say—Minecraft? That’s definitely worth it. -Christina

Download the Print n Share printing app for the iPhone and iPad from iTunes.

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