Calendars, charts, smiley faces, gold stars–every parent has been there, trying just about anything to get our kids to be responsible for their bad behavior. This time of year more than ever, we want our kids to shine as the little angels we know they really are–and honestly, not all of us are Elf on the Shelf Fans.

Instead, try this nifty app to help keep kids accountable for their behavior.

The phenomenal and slightly warped minds over at JibJab, who now are all parents themselves, decided to use their creative power for good and have reated a whole line of fun and games aimed at kids called the Storybots. But the Beep and Boop app in particular is worth calling out.

Beep and Boop reward chart app

Beep and Boop is a fun and very simple behavior system disguised as a game. How easy is it? Set up your account with your child’s name and photo then you keep track of their behavior using a score keeper.Reinforce good behavior with a “beep” and address bad behavior with a “boop.” The app keeps track and lets you set goals and rewards–say, a special toy?–for reaching a certain number of beeps. The silly voices that accompany the “beeps” and “boops” make it fun for sure, but beware, each boop erases a beep, which we parents found very effective.

What’s also really great is that both parents and caregivers can install the app on their own phones and share an account.Since we started the Beep/Boop experiment in our home, it was only a few days before all we had to do was mention the possibility of a boop and the unsavory behavior came to a halt.  Stephanie M

Download Beep & Boop for free in the Apple app store today.