When my son was younger, one of our favorite activities together was his Snap Circuits set. It gave him an opportunity to explore his creative side and gave me a chance to think that I was a whiz at electricity and physics. It’s these types of activities that I think are so important to introduce to kids, which is why I was so thrilled to learn about littleBits.

Similar in concept to Snap Circuits, littleBits are small, individual circuit boards that when put together, create flashing lights, touch sensors, motors, buttons and much, much more.

It’s really up to the child to determine what he or she is going to create, especially with such endless possibilities. With the right parts, extra materials and creativity, kids could even build something like this amazing lamp.


littleBits DIY lamp on Cool Mom Tech

Each of the parts attach via magnet which makes it so intuitive and easy for younger kids with less dexterous hands. You can purchase kits that come with small projects and have easy-to-follow instructions for kids five and up to do. Kids even younger can take advantage with parental help, and it’s such a joy to see their faces light up when they create a successful electrical circuit.

I love that the colors go beyond the primary blues, reds and greens, making it appealing to even more kids.

The kits are definitely on the pricey side, with the starter kit being $89, but it comes with 10 circuits and a slew of projects for kids to try out. You can also purchase individual parts for specific projects you’re working on, like another motor or a dimmer.

littleBits will bring out anyone’s creative and electrical side, even if they have no sign of the latter. Ahem.

littleBits can be purchased directly from the website. And to see more genius creations from the littleBits community, check out the Projects page!