This time of year always brings about the same symphony of sounds in my house: namely, sneezes, wheezes and sniffles from dreaded seasonal allergies. The daily doses of Claritin help, but I’ve discovered a high-tech solution has provided additional relief inside the home.

Airocide air purification system at Cool Mom Tech

Airocide claims to be the most technologically advanced air purifier on the market. And with technology that was developed by NASA, I don’t dispute that claim one bit.

At first glance, Airocide looks nothing like a traditional air purifier, but more like a really high-end speaker system that looks great in any setting. I love that in addition to the amazing inside technology, the company really took care in how the outside looks as well. It’s gorgeous and sleek, meaning it’s not an eyesore in your common spaces.

Using the Airocide is so simple: You plug it in and turn it on. Really, that’s it. There are two power settings, low or high, and both just sound like very gentle whirring fans. Quite soothing, actually. And if you put it in a bedroom, it can double as a nice white noise machine. All while completely eliminating mold, fungus, viruses, bacteria, pollen–basically anything that would be an allergen or irritant to sensitive respiratory systems.

Unlike other air purifiers, you also don’t have to bother with replacing filters every three months, something I’m terrible at. The unit comes with what it calls a “reaction chamber,” that needs replacing approximately once a year, but it comes with two in the packaging, so really, every two years it will require a wee bit of effort. Not bad.

Airocide air purifier at Cool Mom Tech

After trying it for six weeks in my house (and it’s still running), I will say that the air just feels fresher and crisper. While trying to eliminate the sneeze symphony entirely would require my husband and son to stay quarantined inside the house, the Airocide has definitely made a difference in how they feel when they’re at home.

Now to the pricing. Let’s just say it isn’t cheap. At all. The Airocide costs $799 (gulp). It is certainly a huge investment and one that you’ll have to consider deeply. But with a money-back guarantee and really effective results from what I’ve seen, it’s certainly an investment worth considering if anyone in your house suffers from ongoing allergies, asthma or breathing difficulties.

For me, having the cleanest air for my family is definitely worth the cost, if it means that everyone can breathe a little better. Jeana

More information on Airocide can be found on the company’s website. Thanks to them for providing one to CMT for review.

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