The library has always been the classic way to get a ton of books without spending a fortune. Then Kindle and Nook came along, occasionally offering crazy ways to get free ebooks. Now there’s a new way to save money on an entire library: A single USB.

An Australian company is offering a USB with 3000 classic books for your reading (and reading and reading) enjoyment. Yes, 3000. That’s a whole lot of Bronte, Dickens and Austen.

[please note this is an Internet Archive link]

On the plus side, it’s just $29.95 and everything is preloaded on that adorable drive.

On the downside, I haven’t the slightest idea what the books look like when you upload them, how easy they might be to convert to something readable on an iPhone or tablet, and I’m not even going to touch copyright issues. Still, I’m fascinated to learn more when it comes out in August. –Liz

Get the USB with 3000 classic books online coming soon, from