Lately, a lot of readers have been asking us about apps that let you check out free library books. Or, free e-books to be technical. So here’s the info on a favorite of ours, the hoopla digital app.

While I love the feeling of being surrounded by stacks and stacks of actual old-fashioned books at my local library, I also love that they’re embracing all the amazing new technology that has huge benefits for busy parents like me, who are still emphatic that our kids read as much as possible — and maybe don’t want to save a little more money this year.

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The app that lets you borrow free ebooks from your local library. Yes, free!

With the hoopla app, you can access your local library’s entire collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and even music, movies and television shows that you can download or stream right on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet or Kindle e-reader.

And that includes lots of the best books of 2021 — or even brand-new 2022 releases from the past 7 days.

Just sign up, choose your own library from 1,200 around the country, and enter your library card number. You’ll magically have access to your library’s collection without a  trip through traffic with your kids.

There aren’t even late fees.

This is huge! Because yeah, I have some late fees.


The Hoopla app for iOS and Android: Free ebooks + other media thanks to your local library


Pro tip: For those of you who don’t see your library listed (I didn’t), check with a nearby branch listed on the hoopla digital app; you may be able to pay a small fee to get a library card from them (I did) so you have access to more titles.

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I still love actually being surrounded by books at my local library. But the convenience of being able to access that collection all from home — or away when we’re traveling — can be a joy on those nights when my kids have forgotten their book at school, they’re ready for the next book in a series, or I’m just ready for a new read after the library has closed.

You can download the new hoopla digital app  for free at iTunes, Google Play, or the Amazon app store. Plus now, they’ve added functionality to use your computer desktop as well, or stream shows and entertainment to TV via apps and services including Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.