With all the juggling I’m doing these days–kids, work, work, kids–I’ve been relying heavily on my mobile devices and accessories. I would have a tough time functioning without my iPhone and my iPad, which is why a wonderful iPhone stand for cars is a great find for me, along with these other cool accessories that make my devices even handier.

I’ve had my eye on the iPhone sticky notes from iLoveHandles ever since we featured them here on Cool Mom Tech, but it turns out that shop has a slew of other cool, affordable accessories that I think I need too. Here are three of my favorites.


barnacle iphone car mount | cool mom tech


iphone barnacle suction accessory | cool mom tech

iPhone Barnacle
While I’ve seen a few gadgets that allow you to attach your smartphone to your rearview mirror or other spots around your car (or home), I’ve not found a great one that doesn’t require you to stick something permanently to your gadget. That’s why I’m digging the Barnacle, a suction based iPhone stand for cars that really works, either on your desk, or to turn your phone into a GPS now that the new Google Maps app is so greatly improved.  Plus, the cool colors don’t hurt either.


trunk charging cable | cool mom tech

Trunk iPhone charging cables
As someone with a ridiculous number of cords in my bag, I’m picking up a few of these genius charging cables. Not only does it eliminate yet another cord tangle, it can support the weight of your iPhone 5 so you don’t end up with a phone propped against a wall which then slides onto the floor which then inevitably ends up under a child’s foot. So basically it’s a stand for your outlet. Smart.


facet ipad stand | cool mom tech

Facet Magnetic Pyramid Ipad Stand
I’ve seen lots of iPad stands, but this one is not only simple, but versatile. I love that it’s just one piece (yay!) and each side of the pyramid is at a different angle, so you just flip it for a stable stand at one of three heights you want. It also fits iPads 2, 3 and 4 so when you’ve handed down your older gen iPad to the kids, they can use it too.


You can purchase all the iPhone Barnacle iPhone stand for cars, as well as other  cool iPhone and iPad accessories at iLoveHandles.

And  for more cell phone accessories like these, make sure to check our archives.