Viking ranges go high tech, as if they weren’t already on every foodie’s covet list.

Viking Range smart stove | Cool Mom Tech

I’m really excited thinking about my future kitchen. It’ll have cool things like a smart refrigerator, Wi-Fi enabled appliances, and now, I’ve learned, a gorgeous Viking Professional 7 Series Range that will sync with my smartphone. A girl can dream, right?

Thanks to a partnership with iDevices, Viking Series 7 ranges will be outfitted with a temperature-monitoring device that will sync directly to a mobile app for iOS and Android. Using a special temperature probe, you can check the temperature of food remotely through the app, which….just, wow. Imagine the possibilities for Thanksgiving turkeys. Also, you’ll get alerts when the food is cooked, you can view recipes, set multiple timers and oh, pretty much everything or so it seems.

Cool tech features aside, the 7 Series is a great oven on its own with a whopping 23,000 BTU set of burners and an amazing convection oven. It’s the closest to a restaurant-quality range you can get in the comfort of your own home. If not my own. I’m sure there will be plenty of  lucky foodies with fancy kitchens who will rejoice over their perfectly cooked rib eyes that were checked from their smartphones. Drool.

The tech-enabled Viking Professional 7 Series Range will be available in March. For more information, check out the Viking website

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