So much of social media relies on storytelling. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube and Vine — they are all platforms for sharing our stories with each other. Pubsoft recognized this need we have to capture and share our memories, and launched a fun family storytelling app called stories etc.

Storytelling is a true art. From a young age, my father,  always ready with a great back-in-the-day tale,  gave me a firm appreciation for storytelling, which no doubt lit the match on the writer’s fire that I continue to fan and dance around today. It’s also why I’m so compelled by this free iPhone app which turns sweet family moments–say, baby Talulah tasting a lemon for the first time– into rich, digital e-memoirs layered with video, audio, images, and text.

You’re essentially self-publishing a little e-book: Sweet T and the Sour Lemon. Fun, right? (Well, maybe not so much for Talulah right then.)


stories etc app on Cool Mom Tech

Sign in or register through your Facebook account, hit the  Tell a story button, then select a from video, voice or text. Now you’re ready to spin a good yarn at your own pace. If you don’t already have a did I ever tell you about the time…tale on hand, stories etc has a “10 for 10” section with question prompts on everything from hobbies and childhood memories to philosophies and  world events to help you get your narrator flow going. Essentially, you could end up with a brilliant baby book shortcut, all through your iPhone.

stories etc app screenshot on Cool Mom Tech

I find the whole process very user friendly and easy to move through. Once you’ve finished the story, give it a title or caption and add a thumbnail — grab a photo from the web, choose an existing one from  iPhone camera roll, or take one right now and use it. And after saving the story, sharing it via email or iMessage or Facebook is a snap. So now baby Talulah and family can rest easy knowing that her intro to sour lemons will live on well into her college years.

Download the stories etc app for free at the iTunes store. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.