iZZi Slim case: The iPhonographer’s dream case. (4 lenses, people!)

Izzi Slim Lens Case for IPhone

Spring is the perfect time of the year to capture picture-perfect shots all around:  From close-ups of my gorgeous pink peonies opening to the sun, to sweeping panoramas of my nephew’s entire soccer team chasing down the ball. And while I adore my iPhone camera which is always with me and ready to shoot, I’d adore it even more with this smart new case with built-in iPhone lens attachments called the iZZi Slim case.

iZZi Slim turns the already-powerful iPhone 5 or 5S into an even better camera with its multiple rotating lenses that insure you get the perfect shot before the moment has passed. It reminds me of the much-heralded Olloclip (which we absolutely love, big time), however the iZZi Slim case keeps the lenses with your iPhone at all times, meaning no digging at the bottom of your bag to find the right one.

Want to get a shot of the entire tug-of-war battle going on at Field Day? Flip the iZZi Slim to the wide angle lens. See your daughter about to catch that pop-up to left field? The 2x telephoto lens will come in handy for that. And I love the fisheye lens for capturing unique shots from the amusement park, the beach, or even just climbing our favorite backyard tree.


Izzi Slim Lens smartphone camera shots on Cool Mom Tech


Izzi Slim iPhone lens case review by Cool Mom Tech


You would just have to be careful when using the macro lens to capture that tiny ladybug crawling on your son’s finger since you need to unscrew the wide-angle lens first to reveal it. This also means you need to remember to screw the wide-angle lens back on to the iZZi Slim case and not toss it to the bottom of a black-hole of a handbag like mine.

Still, I love that the attached lenses are made of strong glass, so you can just toss your iPhone with the iZZi Slim case into your bag without having to baby the lenses. Our only other suggestion: The company should lose the photos of the hand model with the Vegas-style french manicure. It freaks us all out a little.

The iZZi Slim iPhone case, with photo lens attachments, comes in either black or white polycarbonate and is available for just under a hundred dollars at izzigadgets.com. NOTE: Only white and black are available now; the colors would have been made had the companies Kickstarter goal been exceeded–but we’re still holding out home they come out soon. Love that aqua!



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  • Reply January 17, 2015

    Abby Sangalang

    Hi, I was so excited when I first heard about this product as I am really interested in photography, however I am very, very disappointed to say that when I ordered one of the products it seems to me that only one out of the four lenses seems to work. I have tried numerous times to remove the lenses individually and to clean each and everyone of them. Out of the four only the wide angled lens seems to work. All the other lens’ produce blurry and unclear pictures. I was so looking forward to using this product but I am so upset at what I have received. If you have any explanation as to why this is occurring that would be very helpful. Otherwise I will most definitely be returning this for a new one.

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