If your kids are like mine, you’ve heard Let It Go about 1400 times so far, which is why I’m a new fan of LilGadgets Bluetooth wireless headphones, sparing me from hearing the same thing over and over again–all without the wires.

We have covered kids’ headphones we like in the past like Buddyphones and Griffin’s kaZoo headphones, but I love the fact that there is now a Bluetooth headphone option for kids, which means no more being hunched over trying to de-tangle a mess of wires that kids inevitably create.

The simple, hip headphones are designed for kids ages 4-13, though they’re definitely not kiddie though, featuring mesh-covered, cushiony ear pads thatnot only add comfort for little ears, they make them look like adult headphones. The wireless range is a very decent 30 feet, which was pretty amusing when my kid started walking around the house, getting a snack and going to the bathroom, all with the headphones still on. Not that I want that all day. But it’s such a great option for when you’re traveling with your kids and don’t have to worry three feet of cord getting tangled in with the seat belt when they try to get up to use the lavatory on the plane.

There is a volume control dial on the headphones, but these are not specifically volume limiting, so I’d definitely recommend testing out the level first, especially for your younger kids, and keeping your eye on them with your older kids when you can or talking about volume control limit.

For just under $50, the LilGadgets headphones are very affordable compared to other Bluetooth headphones on the market, but I’d still make sure they end up in your hands at the end of each day since they’re definitely more than a pair of plain old disposable earbuds.

LilGadgets Bluetooth wireless headphones come in four fun colors and are available from our affiliate Amazon.