I will admit that I was reluctant to stick headphones on my kids for a long time, even the safe headphones. But now that my youngest is 6, and insists on listening to the Frozen soundtrack during every waking moment, I really need a pair for her that’s volume limiting, and doesn’t fall out of her ears–two attributes that my own headphones don’t offer. Let alone the ones they give out on the airplane.  So when she saw the Griffin kaZoo headphones for kids, she squealed.

They fit her comfortably, they make her feel kind of grownup (despite having a giant pair of smiling turtles hanging off her head), and they’re durable enough that when she stretches them way further than she should, they snap right back into shape. Plus they come with the cutest auxillary cable–in this case a fly. (Get it?) You can buy additional ones to fit any 3.5mm headphone jack with themes like a butterfly and caterpillar, elephant with peanut or this cute weiner dog with a big bone.


Griffin kids AUX iPod cable | Cool Mom Tech

But what’s most important to me is that the built-in sound control circuit of the headphones peaks the volume at 85 decibels, the safe recommended level by most accounts. That’s roughly 70% of the max output of an iPod, and you can hear the difference.  Young kids can live without booming bass. Really.

Besides, depending on what your child likes to listen to, these headphones for kids protect your own ears too.

Find the great volume-limiting  Griffin kaZoo headphones for kids online through Griffin. Psst: Keep an eye out for new designs coming soon that we saw at CES 2014