In the wake of the hugely popular female LEGO scientist minifig, LEGO goes one giant step for humankind further in introducing a LEGO Research Institute set featuring female scientists. And we stand up and applaud for more smart STEM toys aiming to bring in more girls.

Update: See purchase info below

The¬†kit was actually a crowdsourced LEGO Ideas¬†concept, generated by Swedish geochemist Dr. Ellen Kooijman who wanted more female LEGO characters in interesting professions, to make LEGO city communities “more diverse.” Go,¬†Dr. Kooijman.

LEGO female scientist kit: Astronomer | Cool Mom Tech
LEGO female scientist kit | Cool Mom Tech
Coming later this summer–so, soon!–you’ll find an Astronomer, Chemist and Paleontologist which I know my own girls will be clamoring for. When my five-year-old managed to score the chemist as a mystery minifig, you can’t imagine how thrilled she was, so the idea of having a whole set to play with will put her over the moon.

I also love the other female characters suggested by Dr. Kooijman including a Falconer, Geologist, and Robotics Engineer; a Zookeeper, (really awesome) Judge, and Postal Carrier; and a Mechanic, Firefighter, and Construction Worker. All of whom would probably get along really well with that female LEGO police officer we saw at Toy Fair this year.

LEGO female kit concepts: Zookeeper, Judge, Postal Carrier
Female Lego Kit concepts: Mechanic, Firefighter, Construction Worker
One of my favorite parts¬†is how much this will completely freak out those retailers who still insist in dividing toys into “boys” and “girls” aisle. Oh no!¬†It’s a female paleontologist! Boys like dinosaurs but…it’s a woman! And she’s not even wearing pink. What do we do? We like those kinds of problems. A lot. ¬† Keep an eye out for the new LEGO female minifigure sets¬†with an estimated retail date of August, 2014.¬†¬†And if you have some LEGO sets¬†you’d like to see, create and share your LEGO Ideas through their website.¬†

UPDATE 8/3/14: The new LEGO female minifigure sets are sold out, as predicted. Ebay may be your best bet if you still want one.

[via mental floss]

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