We’ve featured some stylish power strips here on Cool Mom Tech but I’ve never seen one like the oon power outlet from OKUM. In a word: Gorgeous.

This beautifully-crafted looks like no power strip you’ve ever seen. The string of outlets is handmade in Los Angeles from a combination of wood, plastic, metal, and fiber and looks like a piece of art. Yet it’s designed with safety in mind as well, featuring self-contained sockets in the square blocks that are completely polarized on a six-foot long cord. Of course, the wooden balls and blocks do make it look like a toy, so parents (or dog owners), I’d suggest keeping this on your desk or in your office, at least until your kids are out of the put everything pretty in their mouths stage.


Stylish power strip by okum | Cool Mom Tech

Stylish power strip by okum on Cool Mom Tech. Gorgeous!

Don’t you just love when designers add tech to their repertoire? More, please.

You can purchase the oon power outlet at OKUM.

[via swiss miss]