Every time Tinybop releases a new app, I’m not sure who’s more excited — my kids or me. Their newest release, The Robot Factory, is just as awesome as all the others that we’ve adored, like The Human Body, Plants, and Homes.

The creative potential in The Robot Factory is totally amazing, with dozens of parts that you can put together any way you want, and the way they move is based on actual physics. Flip the switch to see how your robot works right there on the drawing board, then take it out for a road test among real-world obstacles. Tweak it to perform better, or just laugh at all the missteps.

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My son had the best time making his collection of robots, calling out to me with each new creation: “Hey Mom, come see what this one does!” He also dug the variety of color schemes, which I liked too because they’re appealing to both boys and girls. That’s one feature of Tinybop’s apps I really appreciate: Everyone loves them. Or at least they ought to, because they rock.

The Robot Factory app: Choose from dozen of robot parts and an array of color schemes.

The Robot Factory app: Choose from dozen of robot parts and an array of color schemes.
I also think it’s really cool how Tinybop stays true to the sciences in their apps, from biology to botany to anthropology, and now physics too. To me, that’s what makes the difference between apps that are merely fun and apps that make learning fun.

The Robot Factory does a great job of illustrating cause and effect, which even sounds a lot more fun than physics. Even if it’s really just the same thing.

Download The Robot Factory app by Tinybop on iTunes, currently discounted to $2.99 today.
(Regular price $3.99, but still totally worth it.)