Last year, I was having some issues with neck and shoulder pain, along with a side of vertigo (ugh!). After a discussion with a chiropractor and a yoga therapist, I decided to make some changes to my work set-up, which was probably causing a bit, if not all, of the pain I was experiencing, especially as someone who works on a laptop all day long.

If you’ve been noticing extra neck and shoulder pain, or eye fatigue and headaches, and you work on a laptop or computer like me, these 4 gadgets might help, along with some timed breaks and stretching. Lots of stretching. I’m far from a medical professional, so use at your own risk, but I have to say I’ve had great success over the last year with these simple changes.

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Laptop Stand

4 must-have gadgets for laptop users: Laptop stand

A healthy computer height is where your eyes are in the line with the top of your screen. That means, if you’re actually using your laptop on your lap, or even flat on a table, it’s probably not high enough. I invested in a simple laptop stand, like this one by Griffin, and it’s made a world of difference.

Bluetooth keyboard

4 must-have gadgets for laptop users: Bluetooth keyboard

With your laptop now up at eye level, you’re going to need a keyboard since yours is now raised up. I’ve been happy with my iHome Bluetooth keyboard, which feels pretty similar to my MacBook Air keyboard. Just remember to turn it off when you’re done. Or keep batteries on hand in case you’re like me and always forget. You can certainly find fancier, pricier models if you shop around, but the $20 price tag on this one is what sold me!

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Computer mouse

4 must-have gadgets for laptop users: Apple Magic Mouse

I haven’t used a computer mouse for years, but now with my computer up on a laptop stand, my track pad is up there with it, so the best solution is a computer mouse. I’m perfectly fine with the Apple Mouse which is admittedly pretty outdated, and has a cord. The newer Apple Magic Mouse, which is wireless, looks amazing, but pricey. You can certainly find lots of more affordable options at your local computer store or online.

Anti-Glare computer glasses

4 must-have gadgets for laptop users: Gunnar anti-glare glasses

Yes, I took the plunge and purchased a pair of anti-glare computer glasses, and I have to say they do make a difference. Turns out my vertigo was really migraines, and one preventative measure is giving your eyeballs a break. I can definitely tell a difference when I work with them on now. The only issue is keeping my kids from stealing them.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash