Whether you’ve decided to start a budget (or stick to one) as your New Year’s Resolution, or you’re just trying to get your finances in order, here are 7 free family budgeting apps that could help. You might be surprised at how much they could really help you track your spending, save some cash, and pay off some bills, all with a quick download and a few clicks.

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Free family budget apps: Mint | Cool Mom Tech

If you’re like me, you’ve been using Mint for years, but if not, here’s why you should consider it. Mint automatically links to your accounts, then helps you tracks expenses, and even monitors your credit score. I’ve noticed it can have some issues keeping all your accounts synced up, especially if you have a lot like me, but the budgeting technology is fantastic, especially for a free app.


The FamZoo app was created for families: kids, teens, and parents. It’s not only a real-life budgeting tool, but an educational one. You can set up family budget accounts (and allowance accounts for kids) so every family member can get an understanding of how the household is run, financially-speaking. Unfortunately, you only get one month free. After that it’s $2.50 per month, but for a family with older children and teenagers, this is a smart investment.

Daily Budget

Free family budget apps: Daily Budget | Cool Mom TechThe Daily Budget app is our editor Kristen’s obsession, and I can see why! It’s a simple, easy, and fun (well as fun as budgeting can be) way to track your spending thanks to a specific amount you’re given each day based on all your expenses. You will have to enter all your regular expenses, plus your daily expenses (think of it like a spending journal). It’s a free app, but you can encrypt, backup and more by upgrading for $6.99/month.


For families looking to save for big purchases, the GoodBudget app might be the way to go. It uses time-tested envelope budget system, which is recommended by many financial experts. You can save for big expenses as well as share budgets with the people who matter most. The free plan includes 10 envelopes, 1 year transaction history, and 2 devices. You can upgrade for more at $17.99/3-months.


Free family budget apps: Albert | Cool Mom TechLike Mint, Albert links to your accounts and automatically organizes your expenses. It is an easier way to manage expenses and invoices, which is super helpful for freelancers. But the best part about Albert is its smart insight ability. If you are overpaying a bill, missing a savings, or a balance dips too low, Albert will alert you. The downside? It’s still only available on iOS platform.

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Spending Tracker

The Spending Tracker app is more basic than some of the other budget apps, but for some families simple is better. Transactions must be added manually in the free account, but the budget and category overviews are clear and easy to understand. The best part of the app is the friendly user interface. It’s free, but a one-time $2.99 fee will upgrade to Pro and sync your accounts. The free app does include ads that run along the bottom, but they didn’t bother me when I used it.


The Spendee app now has the option to link bank accounts and automatically download transactions. You can create multiple wallets for multiple purposes, and also manually share wallets so the whole family can stay on the same financial page. This app is great for traveling with its ability to track locations and support multiple currencies. Spendee syncs across multiple platforms from your iOS Apple Watch to Android devices. Premium upgrades available for $1.99 or $2.99/month.