Author: Caroline Siegrist

3 new breastfeeding apps that could make nursing a whole lot easier for new moms.

Just because breastfeeding is a natural process, it isn’t necessarily all blissed out bonding time. But luckily, we live in a time where there are tons of tech to help nursing moms, like these 3 new breastfeeding apps that caught our attention. Related: Doctor on Demand app: A smart way to get help with breastfeeding issues and more.   Mamava Think of the Mamava app like Waze, except instead of crowdsourcing info to help you navigate around a gnarly traffic jam, it uses data to help you navigate the world as a nursing mom. Mamava registers the location of...

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Can these board books tech babies rocket science?

Most baby board books aren’t, you know, rocket science. The ones I read to my four month old pretty much stick with friendly talking animals and geometric shapes, so I was a little surprised to discover the Baby University board books collection, which was designed to introduce the youngest kids to STEM concepts. Just the basic stuff though, you know? Like Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum entanglement, and rocket science. Of course. My first thought when I saw titles like Rocket Science for Babies or Quantum Physics for Babies was, slow your roll there, Science. My kid is still figuring out...

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9 cool Instagram photo gifts for the Instagram-loving mom. Isn’t that all of us?

As a new mom, I’d adore a Mother’s Day gift that takes my favorite Instagram shots and transforms them into an awesome keepsake so that I don’t have to. After all, I can hardly find time to back up the several billion pictures I’ve taken of my 2-month-old, much less arrange them into a baby book. Which is why I’ve rounded up the some of the coolest Mother’s Day photo gifts that’ll preserve Instagram shots long after a mom or grandma has forgotten whether she prefers Juno or Slumber. Just be sure to double check shipping dates — or package that IOU in a beautifully handwritten card. CMP...

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Let kids choose their own STEM adventure with the Electric Motors Catalyst box.

If you’re a regular Cool Mom Tech reader, then you know we love STEM-oriented toys for children, especially if they’re so fun and challenging that kids don’t notice they’re educational, like the new Electric Motors Catalyst box. Unlike some of the kits and subscription boxes I’ve seen, this box doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. Just 10 challenge cards asking kids to make “a device that can scramble an egg” or a gadget that can “draw a curvy line.” How they accomplish these goals is totally up to them. Cool, right? Related: Meet STEM Club: The new STEM gift subscription for kids from Amazon.  The...

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3 of our favorite meditation apps to help you keep your chill

If your stress hormones have spiking lately, here are 3 meditation apps we’ve personally tried that can really help you reclaim your thoughts and cultivate a sense of calm and well-being. Because doesn’t that sound great right now? Stop, Breathe & Think Related: 8 ways to make your iPhone less distracting Our editor Kristen recommended this one on a Today show segment about the best apps for keeping your New Year’s resolutions, and I can totally see why. Stop, Breathe & Think begins with a very brief check-in, asking you how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Based on your answers,...

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How to disable video auto-play on Facebook and Twitter. To save data. And sanity.

I love a hilarious pet video as much as the next person, but when my Facebook and Twitter start overflowing with video recipes, news clips, and ads that play automatically, it gets a little draining. For me and my cell phone data plan. But it turns out you can easily disable video auto-play, both on the apps and on your desktop (because disabling one doesn’t affect the other, FYI). Don’t worry, you can still choose to play videos, like the clip of those red pandas frolicking in the snow, as many times as you choose (14 in my case,...

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Moonlite, the magical device that projects bedtime stories right onto your ceiling.

As much as I love tech that makes my life simpler, easier, and cheaper, sometimes I find a device that just makes life a little more magical. And that’s how I feel about Moonlite, a little gadget gives a modern edge to storytelling. This mini projector use the flash from your phone to project illustrations onto the ceiling, all with a story you can read along from the app. You can even choose optional sound effects for each slide, in case you’re feeling too tired to imitate a clap of thunder or calling bird by the time bedtime rolls around. Related:...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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