If your kid likes multiplayer VR games, clear some space in your living room, parents! Because I have 7 multiplayer games to keep them moving and collaborating — or from our perspective, randomly grasping around the room while talking to themselves.

VR games have come a long way since they were first launched, and I’m really impressed with what’s on the market right now. These multiplayer VR games for kids are a great way to get everyone in the family active and enjoying social time even when we’re at home. So they’re terrific for quarantines (hopefully not much more of those though!), school breaks, weekends, and late nights.

Here’s where to start if you’re shopping a multiplayer VR game for kids with a VR set that’s itching to get more use.

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7 Fun Multiplayer VR Games for Kids

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7 fun, kid-friendly, multiplayer VR games | cool mom tech


Eleven Table Tennis

The best multiplayer VR games for kids: Eleven Table Tennis

The ping pong simulation game, Eleven Table Tennis, lets kids play against their friends or on their own against the life-like AI. Players can choose three different settings and also play mini games to improve their skills. It’s a little more bare bones than some of the other games, with no fun characters or magical abilities, and more of a straight sports game — but grab the Table Tennis Paddle Grab Handle to make it more realistic.

Gorilla Tag 

In this silly game, players use only their arms to climb and jump around a pixelated jungle. With Gorilla Tag, you can play regular tag with up to three friends or opt for infection mode, in which you’re all running from…infected gorillas. Fun stuff. It’s free with in-app purchases. Just make sure you gorilla-proof your room before you start, because this game tends to get wild. (Ha.)


Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale 

The best multiplayer VR games for kids: Cook Out: A Sandwich Tale 

Created by a former chef, this game lets players work together to cook dishes for their hungry customers. If you liked Overcooked, this has a similar frenetic, yelling-at-each-other energy. The menu items they request get progressively complicated as the game goes on in this addictive collaboration game.

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Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Wii golf was the big thing when I was a teen, but I’m happy to see it’s gotten an upgrade for the VR game era. Walkabout Mini Golf VR is full of amazing fantasy putt-putt courses, and players love that the physics feel super true-to-life. You can even use your own environment — not just the course itself — for trick shots. And there are some fun upgrades for different holes, and even a more challenging night mode.

Spaceteam VR

The best multiplayer VR games for kids: Spaceteam VR

This is the VR version of the popular phone game Spaceteam that asks crew members to communicate instructions at each other to keep their spaceship afloat. If you like chaotic shouting games like Overcooked, this one’s a good one to try.


Carly and the Reaperman 

The best multiplayer VR games for kids: Carly and the Reaperman

This delightfully creepy game is for just two players — yes, Carly and the Reaperman. Carly is trying to escape the Underworld and the Reaperman helps her by removing obstacles from her path and teaming up with her to solve puzzles. The world itself isn’t quite as expansive as in some of the other games, but your kid enjoys solving problems and playing with just one person rather than a whole crew, this could be a good option.

Echo VR

A spinoff of Lone Echo, this multiplayer VR game for kids is the only one here that’s rated for Teens and above, but it’s so popular I had to include it. Echo VR lets players feel like they’re competing in zero gravity. Whoa! Players take on a robot body called a chassis that they’ll attempt wear while trying to get their space disc through the goal on the virtual court — all while fighting off the other team. Players say this game gets pretty physical, so definitely clear a sizeable space. And move anything breakable!

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