I’m grateful for any tech that makes bedtime easier, so I was excited to discover Netflix Jr.’s brand new Bedtime Stories podcast — and I figured a whole lot of parents might be too.

The podcast features some of my kids’ favorite characters from Netflix Kids — like the StoryBots, Super Monsters, and StarBeam — all hard at work to help kids to drift off.

Yay for not introducing a totally new character at 8:45 p.m!

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About the new Netflix Jr bedtime stories podcast for kids. Parents' lifesaver!

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The show is designed to educate kids about how important sleep is for our bodies, while also telling stories that help them get calm and centered before bed. For example, the StoryBots episode teaches kids that bodies need sleep to help repair muscles, organize memories, and fight off germs — a fun lesson in practical biology. Another story followed Lobo to his first sleepover, where he learned how to unwind after high-energy play.

Now if they could just release something that helps me unplug get to bed on time instead of binging Queer Eye.

Find the Bedtime Stories with Netflix Jr. podcast wherever on your favorite podcast app. Also, check out the free Netflix Jr magazine for little kids that you can subscribe to now.

Top image: Annie Spratt via Unsplash